Iraq to build and launch a $600 million strategic satellite into space

Gelgamesh 1 .. Iraqi Satellite

Iraq-FlagGelgamesh 1 will be the name of a new satellite built by the Ministry of Communication in Iraq and the world’s leading communication companies (including the french aerospace company Astrium ).

14 space and communication companies provided proposals for a strategic multipurpose satellite to be launched into the earth’s orbit according to the Ministry of Communication. This comes after the Iraqi Ministry of Communication announced that it had reclaimed its outer space territory according to international laws.

A 6 ton satellite is planned and $600 million is budgeted for this project.


Iraqi Communications Minister meeting Astrium officials / 2nd October 2013 – MoC


3m barrels – Iraq Oil’s Storage Growth by Dec 2013

Newsline Xpress

Iraq-FlagIn an in-depth analysis of the energy sector of Iraq, the US investment research firm MorningStar, thinks Iraq ” can boost its oil-storage in southern Iraq to 8.5 million barrels of capacity by the end of 2013 from around 5.5 million barrels of capacity in 2012″.


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Wheat & veg production soars by 75,000 tons in Diyala, Iraq

iq-agricThe Diyala Agriculture Authority in Iraq has announced that this year there has been a substantial increase in crop and vegetable production.

Wheat and Oat produced in year 2013 increased by 75,711 tons compared to last year. Other fruit and vegetables including Dates prodution has also improved visibly according to the report by Diyala Agriculture Authority.

Successful Wheat crops with enhanced productivity in Iraq

Successful Wheat crops with enhanced productivity in Iraq

The report attributed these increases to:

  1. Modern Irrigation techniques
  2. Increased Awareness through planned and targeted programs for farmers
  3. Increased research projects.
  4. Increased automation, including Automatic seeding and sowing of tomatoes and other veg.
  5. Micro-financing smaller agricultural projects with 0% interest loans.

The Iraqi government announced an initiative in August 2008 to improve agriculture nationwide with an objective to reach self-sufficiency of the strategic crops by 2018.